Sunday, April 17, 2011


Yesterday, I took off my sneakers and put my socks within the shoes just in case I needed to quickly put them on again. Next thing you know, Briar has a sock in his mouth running around like a goof ball and then the phone rings...I get the phone...forget he had the sock and moved on. Then...I went to get my shoes and find both socks missing and NO where to be found. I think....he ate them. :(

Why would I conclude he ate them?? Well, here are some hints and clues: I found remnants of my underwear on the lawn where he does his business. He also coughed up a whole pair right in front of me after his breakfast. Briarrrrr!!!!!! And...I found a pair on his bed. Geez...I better not have anyone over or surely I'll be mortified.

"Oh goodness...he's just a pup", I tell myself sipping on some pinot. "You'll miss this when he's an adult"...I console myself. But for now - he's a mess! lol!

I think back on my beloved Buddy and try to remember if he used to do this - and of course he did...and of course I miss him and I miss everything about him. With that thought and my fond memories of my beloved Buddy - I giggle and hug my little wily guy. Why not? Life is short - drink pinot and hide your socks and underwear!

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