Saturday, June 18, 2011

Briar at 7 Months Old

Our dear Briar is growing up. Next week, he will turn 8 months! Briar has been enjoying his trips to Posh Pets and getting spiffied up at the groomers. He is in an intermediate class at Pet Smart and I hope he graduates with flying colors. After that, I would like to enroll him in a therapy dog program to futher his training. He has such a great personality that I think he would excel in something like that. Basil, on the other hand, just likes to sleep on his favorite chair - enjoying the kitty life.
Here's Briar just back from the groomers. He had his hair trimmed just a bit and he looks great. His straggly puppy fur was trimmed to the length of his adult coat so he is more uniform all over. He looks like a big round puff ball- too cute.
Briar is good size - he's still growing, too. I can't pick him up anymore but we love to sit on the floor with him and scoop him up and hold him that way. He still loves to be on his back and I can hold him and pet his tummy - he loves that!