Friday, April 26, 2013

Basil & Briar...Years Later - All is Good!

Our precious Briar is all grown up...a fluffy 2 year old now! Still as playful and silly as ever - never a dull moment with my sesame street character living inside my doggie baby!

 Briar loves to find the biggest stick in the lawn and run ahead of me to show me just how useful and proud he is of his talents! He's picked up much larger branches and carried them for the length of an acre so proud of his abilities!

Briar is a silly baby - he loves his stuffed piggy and never loses his ever lasting smile ~ here he is on a sofa just relaxing and hugging on his bestie - Mr. Piggy.

Here we are this past winter - we were checking in on our plant friends in the greenhouse and Briar decided to pose for pictures on the greenhouse I am fixing his hair for his winter pic :0)

 Briar is one class act! To know him is to love him!!

 Oh my goodness, can you believe this guy? He feels so special sleeping in daddy's side of the bed! we more worries.  Basil and Briar love each other as brothers.  Here they are on the same bed comforting each other while we visit the grandparents this past Christmas.  At the end of the day, they love nothing more than to be close to each other and snuggle in on some soft and inviting bedding.
.....for those wondering about Chico...he's alive and well chirping and loving each sunshining morning.  Here we are...a bird, a cat, and a Briar...getting along in a loving home with us. 
Good night :)

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